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What is diastasis recti and how to fix it through training

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2019

It is delightful how much has been written about separated or the separation of abdominal muscles in recent years. I am especially pleased that information is now available and that most women who have given birth are aware of this condition and know to seek help where needed.

This was not the case five years ago when I had two children in quick succession. It took me over one and a half years to understand what caused the discomfort and operational problems in my body and realise that I suffered from separated abdominal muscles.

When I learned more about the condition, I soon noticed that mothers were hungry for information. For this reason, I wrote an article about separated abdominal muscles and it was immediately published on the MTV3 Lifestyle and Turun Sanomat newspaper.

Separated abdominal muscles - diastasis recti

After my second childbirth, I felt that “something” had happened in my abdominal muscles and the core, for which reason I had to learn to do several...

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Pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles and sex

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2019

What is the connection between the pelvic floor muscles, the condition of the abdominal and core muscles, and a rewarding sex life? Weak core muscles and not feeling comfortable with your own body can have a major impact on how you feel about yourself. Unsurprisingly, not feeling at home in your own body affects your sexuality, and how you feel about someone else touching your body.

The condition of the pelvic floor muscles and the deep abdominal muscles affect a person’s sex life in many ways. The nerves may have been affected by an operation, scar tissue, or some other damage, and also the sense of touch may have been affected. A lack of proper control in the pelvic floor area, or constant tension there, can affect how we feel. A continually tense pelvic floor area is like having a temporarily numb arm or leg: a numb limb or other body part is difficult to control.


While hormone levels are high during pregnancy and after childbirth, each woman is different

Some women...

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Ab rehab - how to rebuild your core after pregnancy

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2019

I have previously written an article on separated abdominal muscles, explaining what it means and how it can be rehabilitated.

I have organised information sessions on separated abdominal muscles and postpartum exercise for sports professionals together with a physiotherapist who specialises in the pelvic floor muscle area and a personal trainer who specialises in exercise during and after pregnancy. The aim has been to increase knowledge in the topic because it was not previously included in any personal trainer training nor in the training of healthcare professionals. In other words, knowledge on the topic depended on independent studying and the interest of each individual. Luckily, the situation has improved slightly since then, and the topic is written and talked about more widely.

The reason for my own interest and the wish to distribute information about the topic is that I have personal experience of separated abdominal muscles.

How to get rid of a baby belly 

I had two...

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