Feel good in your body and enjoy motherhood

The award-winning, research-backed, Post Natal Training Programme now available in the UK! 


Did you know that every third woman in the UK experiences urinary incontinence (UI) in the first year after having a baby? *

And  up to 3/4 of these women continue to experience this in the following 12 years after giving birth. 



Rehab your pelvic floor and core in weeks

With the research-backed Nordic Fit Mama Post Natal Programme.

  • Learn to engage and relax your pelvic floor muscles & fix diastasis recti
  • Exercise safely after pregnancy and childbirth
  • Add energy and well-being to your daily life
  • All exercises planned and approved by physiotherapists and gynecologists
  • Get results in just 10 minutes a day 


We have helped over 30,000 mums 

Who now enjoy their motherhood to the fullest.

  • Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Research Project with the Health Research Institute
  • University of Turku, Finland. Department of Nursing. Assessment of the efficacy of the online exercise programme based on self-reported well-being.
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In just 6 weeks you will

  • strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles
  • have more energy in your everyday life
  • flatten your tummy and 
  • feel better in your body




Nordic Fit Mama Post Natal Programme

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Are you ready to take control over your postpartum body and mind? 

Our 6-week programme brings a virtual trainer into your living room, with accessible and effortless instructions to rehabilitate your body and increase overall well-being. 

With only 5-10 minutes/day you will:

  • heal your postpartum body and mind
  • learn to exercise safely after giving birth & fix diastasis recti
  • maintain self-care routines even in the busy everyday life with a newborn

With a simple shift in your mindset and the right exercises, you will have more energy to enjoy your new life situation. Plus look and feel better!



Contents of The Post Natal Programme


Testing and Identifying Pelvic Floor Muscles

In this module you'll learn to:

  • Know your pelvic floor muscles 
  • Activate and relax them
  • Test the condition of your pelvic floor

You'll finish this module with understanding the function of your pelvic floor muscles and how to activate and relax these muscles.


Testing for Diastasis Recti and Activating Deep Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal muscle separation (Diastasis Recti) is a common postpartum condition. It may cause back pain or your belly to bulge. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to test your core muscle condition
  • How to gently start strengthening your core
  • To improve the endurance of this important muscle group

You’ll finish this module with better confidence and connection with your body.


Core, mobility, and personal quality time

The secret of postpartum rehabilitation is to proceed calmly but decisively, always listening to the body's messages.

 In this module, you’ll learn:

  • New exercises to strengthen your core and boost your energy
  • To keep up with the exercise routine
  • The importance of me-time and selfcare

You’ll finish this module with a firmer body and refreshed mind.


Mobility, Beautiful Posture, and Being Considerate Towards Yourself

In this module, you´ll learn 

  • The impact of pelvic floor muscles on your whole body
  • The importance of posture
  • Progressive pelvic floor muscle exercises

You’ll finish this module with a firmer body and better confidence.


Progressive Training and Sex after Giving Birth

Getting fit is not only about sweating but also mobility. And did you know that a strong pelvic floor means better sex? In this module, you'll learn: 

  • Talk about postpartum sex
  • Work on your body's mobility
  • The importance of fresh air

By now you notice positive changes in your well-being and the functioning of your body, especially control over your pelvic floor. 

Exercise and Wellbeing Routines as Part of Your Everyday Life

It´s the final week and time to wrap up what we have learned - and thank ourselves for our good job! This week we:

  • Get energized
  • Do a bit more intensive workouts
  • Celebrate our success!

You are a rock star ⭐. We know it is not easy to find time for self-care when there is a new baby in the house - but you did it 🥳. 

Breastfeeding guide

Starting to breastfeed can be overwhelming. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not is entirely a personal choice. If you want to give it a try, we now offer a comprehensive breastfeeding guide as a bonus to the Post Natal Programme.   

The guide features 19 topics, from ‘how to tell if your baby is hungry’, to advice on ‘the best nursing positions’, to ‘nipple problems’ and ‘breast infections’. All research backed advice you can trust.

This Programme Is For You If you want to...

  • Learn safe exercises to heal Diastasis Recti
  • Say goodbye to back pains and leaking
  • Improve your posture
  • Feel more energetic and enjoy motherhood more
  • Learn to take care of yourself as a new mother 

I'm Riina Laaksonen

The founder of Nordic Fit Mama

"I am a mother of three active boys, an entrepreneur, a surfer, and a snowboarder. I have dedicated my life to promoting women's well-being, especially mothers.

My interest in maternal health stems from my own experiences and the fact that I made every possible mistake in my workout after my pregnancies. It inspired me to become a personal trainer specializing in maternal rehabilitation."

I appreciate the content of this course, as well as the emphasis on activation as well as relaxation. It's amazing how these simple exercises are so powerful in rehabilitating a mother's body.

- Jennifer Lance

Nordic Fit Mama understands that new moms are understandably pressed for time, tired, and can only give so much every day. This course is intended to help you, energize you, heal your abdominal muscles and respect your time as a new mama.

- Tenille LaFontaine

The programme is brilliant and so easy to fit in, I try and do it when my little one is having a nap and it's ideal. 

Thank you so much, I'm only on week 2, but already it's making a huge difference.

- Gemma H.

Nordic Fit Mama
Post Natal Programme


  • Learn how to heal diastasis recti and get flatter tummy
  • Say goodbye to back pains and leaking
  • Improve your posture and enhance your self-esteem 
  • Improve your sex life and social relationships
  • 6-week online training programme incl. daily reminders 
  • Get results in just 10 minutes a day!

If you aren’t completely satisfied with The Post Natal Programme, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.