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Nordic Fit Mama

Riina Laaksonen

Coach, Personal Trainer, Mother

I am a personal trainer specialized in pre- and post-natal exercise, a nutritional coach and a life coach. I am also a mother of three active boys.

Health, wellbeing and looking after myself have always been very important parts of my life. After having two of my children very close together, I felt like a stranger in my own body. I have always been active, but after having children, there were many exercises that felt totally different or were not possible to do in the way I had done them before. Also, my posture looked different, and I was not able to run like I used to.When I first started to train after pregnancies, I did many mistakes in my own exercise. That is the reason why I later studied pre- and post-natal coaching, and it is why I now want to spread this very important information as wide as I can, so that mommies can start to train after giving birth in a safe way and to feel good about themselves and their bodies.


By doing the correct exercises, it was amazing how much I was able to help myself, fix my diastasis recti, and feel better in my body. At the moment, I feel like I am in as good of a condition as I was before my pregnancies, and I’m happy and energetic, which gives me a lot of energy to cope in all kinds of everyday life situations that you run into when having kids.


This is a very important subject to me, and many things related to problems after having children are often taboos. I want to teach other women and mothers so they can start training in a safe way after giving birth. One of the most important things you can do for your children is to look after yourself.