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Postpartum exercise

A lot of mothers suffer from physical ailments after pregnancy and labour (abdominal separation, back pains, urinary incontinence etc) that can affect their everyday life and mental wellbeing. During the years of coaching, we’ve seen that very often mommies remain with the changes and pains in their bodies, but no one should settle for a broked body! One’s quality of life can be enhanced prominently by getting rid of back problems, teeth grinding at night, as well as urinary and faecal incontinence.

Abdominal separation

We help you to get rid of abdominal separation and post baby belly, which were not there before pregnancy. We’ve gathered our knowledge together for this five-week online course, which is mainly designed for women who have given birth in the past 0-12 months (also through a c-section). However, in case you haven’t trained since giving birth, and you need to activate your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, we’re here for you too!

After pregnancy workout plan

This course will provide you information on how to get a feel of your pelvic floor muscles, deep abdominal muscles and how to energize your whole body. During this course, you’ll learn which exercises are safe to do after pregnancy as we go through these exercises in a structured and progressive way.We’ll be building a strong basis to your core which is crucial before moving into more challenging sports and training in the future. The goal of this course is to rehabilitate and strengthen your body in a safe and gentle way, and to gain support in your core after giving birth.

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What to expect from this course?

In this course we’ll approach abdominal and pelvic floor muscles with safe and gentle training that a woman’s fragile postpartum body can handle. The course is also designed to give you energy, as your newborn takes a lot of your attention and concentration.

The course is ideal for busy moms, but will be useful for everyone, busy or not. The exercises are explained through both verbal and picture/video instructions, each exercise taking 10-15 minutes / day. No driving to the gym needed.

How to fix diastasis recti?

About a third of moms end up with diastasis recti a year after giving birth. To avoid and fix it, and to get a flat tummy, you’ll need to know what is safe to do in order not to harm your body. All exercises in this course are safe even though you’ve suffered from abdominal separation. The exercises are designed to fix diastasis recti. All exercises are also suitable after c-section.

How does this online course work?

You will receive simple exercise instructions every weekday.

In addition, you get to take part in a discussion group with your fellow course mates and you get to ask your questions, and a specialized pregnancy and maternity exercise coach will answer you.

With this course you’ll learn how to rehabilitate your body fast! Exercises won’t take more than 10-15min / day and they are doable wherever, and whenever you have time. This is by far the easiest way to get back in shape after pregnancy!

Course schedule

Safe and Strong – Online course for core training after pregnancy takes five weeks. You’ll receive a message from your coach every weekday, and she’ll gently guide you towards the stronger version of your core and yourself.

Examples of the course content below.

After this course, you’ll have

  • Flatter tummy
  • A fast & easy daily exercise routine
  • Increased self-confidence and better feeling about yourself
  • Knowledge how to fix your diastasis recti (if not already fixed)
  • A beautiful, ballerina-like posture
  • Simple exercises with which you can upkeep a mobile and beautiful body, and also boost your metabolism
  • A lot of information on how to keep yourself happy & healthy
  • And you will feel more like home in your own body!

During this course, you’ll learn

  • Tummy conscious, understandable post pregnancy exercises, which all encourage healthy abs
  • How to test the separation of your abdominal muscles (diastasis recti)
  • How to activate your pelvic floor muscles, and how to do it in everyday life situations
  • Which exercises are safe to do after pregnancy and how to get a strong core again, without harming your post pregnant, vulnerable body
  • How to relax your neck and shoulders suffering from ergonomically poor breastfeeding positions
  • How pelvic floor muscles and sex are linked

Why take part in Safe and Strong – online course?

  1. Starting Slowly – If you push yourself too hard after pregnancy, you can actually be setting yourself back from real recovery. Of course this does not mean you can’t do anything, but be aware what is safe to do.
  2. How Is Your Pelvic Floor? – Also, if the pelvic floor is weak, putting intra-abdominal pressure (like crunches, pilates or general ab work) can put too much pressure on the pelvic floor and inhibit healing or even lead to a chance of organ prolapse. One of the first forms of exercise you can start to incorporate daily can be a pelvic floor routine, restrengthening or even re-familiarizing yourself with your pelvic floor muscles. And this is where we start!
  3. Repairing Diastasis Recti – It is very common that women experience a separation of the abdominal muscles. So, when easing back to an abdominal workout, be mindful not to overdo it. In this course all exercises are safe and designed to repair diastasis recti!
  4. Softened Joints – Hormones, that are responsible for softening the ligaments and joints during pregnancy and childbirth, can stay in the body for up to six months postpartum. This can lead to unstable joints and a loose pelvis, so be mindful that the activity you choose is not too much in movement.
  5. Relax – Including a few moments a day to simply relax can really help replenish you. If you are feeling rested and restored, you will have so much more to offer to those that need you.
  6. Join The Nordic Family – This course is the most popular maternity course in Nordic countries, which are known from their outstanding maternity healthcare and clinics. The best information is now also available for you, as our goal is to help mothers all around the world!

You’ll also care for your child in the best possible way by taking care of yourself and being a happy, physically and mentally well-balanced mother. This way, you will also be able to respond to your child’s needs in the best possible way.

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How does it work?

During the course you will receive a new module, including training instructions, every day. Modules are located at an online platform. Where possible, visual and video instructions are included for all exercises (e.g. pelvic floor muscle exercises cannot be reproduced visually). In addition, each exercise includes a worded description.


Safe and Strong -course was reviewed by Eco Child’s Play, click to read the whole review.

The online platform for this course is super easy to use. There’s a place to check off when you have completed the day’s lesson. The written and video instructions are very clear. In addition, the program emails you reminders of new lessons. You can easily review previous lessons as well. Course content is available for one month after it ends.”


Below you can see modules of the first week.

By clicking a thumbnail of a module, the module opens with current day’s instructions.

An example of exercise videos of the course.

Below each module there’s a discussion area, where it is possible to share thoughts with the whole group. Also, it’s possible to send comments and questions directly to the coach.

Here’s some of our mommies sharing their experience with you!

We will inform you about the start of next course as soon as possible!

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