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What mothers say


“I got back in touch with my pelvic floor muscles. Also, my back pain got better. And I don’t need panty liners anymore! What I liked the best were the safe workout instructions from the experts, how easy it was to fit the training into my life with my baby and the support from the Facebook group”
– Eveliina Lorek, mother of two

"This online course was much easier to fit into my everyday life than going to a gym. It was up to me when I did the exercises. And the course is so much more than just the exercises! It was a holistic experience, a journey to myself.
This course made me feel so much better. It gave me confidence. It has benefitted our whole family! For me this truly was Find your core and find yourself -experience. By the way, I jumped on a trampoline last week and this was the first time I did not have any leaks in my panties! It was just great!
– Inari Fernandez, mother of two

"Thank you so much for the 6-week training. It was very helpful, and I can really see the difference in my pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles. I feel like the “package” is more together now. I wanted to continue the training and enrolled in the next course. I am looking forward to seeing the results it gives me after the 6 weeks”.

“I started the Core training course almost three months after my caesarean section. The course gave me a ton of help and tips – and my diastasis recti has reduced. My body starts to feel my own again! Thank you for the great visual instructions – they make it easier to carry on training on my own.”

“When I jog these days, my back doesn’t get stuck like it used to - thanks to this program. My pelvic floor muscles have become stronger and this has really helped. Before I started the program, I was feeling a bit heavy. It really annoyed me that I could not go for stroller hikes because of the serious pains I suffered. I also had terrible neck pains that caused me headaches. The program gave me tips for exercising my upper back, shoulders and neck and making them more flexible. I particularly like the stick workout. It has really helped my stiff neck problem. If I just muster the energy to do the exercises regularly, I do feel my shoulders relaxing from the daily strains and the tensions reducing.
– Petra Pajusuo, mother of twins

”I noticed progress in my posture and less tension in my neck. I have also learned to calm down and focus on exercising. You don’t need to do everything with the maximum effort. You must give your body the time it needs to recover." 
- Anna-Karoliina Muotka

”Nordic Fit Mama –training is a program that I warmly recommend to all new moms. Riina guides you gently to a safe recovery and reminds you of the need to have time for yourself and to take care of your body. Watching the short, daily videos do not take much time but they keep you exercising. It´s a shame I did not start this training immediately after my delivery but better late than never! It is never too late to fix the diastasis recti. Thank you, Riina, for a great course.
– Anna Oinonen, wellness and fitness blogger, a mother of a 5-month son

"The best thing in the course was to get information about a topic I did not know enough about. It is really important to examine the diastasis recti so that the recovery goes well. To me the movements and concrete advice were the best parts of the course. I could apply them in my own training at home. I believe that the course information and workouts had a positive impact on my recovery."

”Really great information about post-pregnancy training and core workouts. I found my pelvic floor muscles and received sensible and efficient tips for core control. I also learned how to make an indicative home test of whether you suffer from pregnancy related diastasis recti”.
– Satu Rämö, mother of two

"This online training made me understand the importance of always listening to your own body and how important it is to recover from the pregnancy. I fixed my own diastasis recti in a year, but I am sure I would not be where I am now had I not exercised actively and also avoided some too hard movements.
I recommend this course to everyone who is even slightly interested in her own wellbeing and post-pregnancy recovery – that is, hopefully to all new moms.”

”My gynaecologist wants me to continue Nordic Fit Mama training, because just a few weeks of exercising has given me such great results. I am a mom of four already grown up kids. I have had a hysterectomy and a bladder repair surgery. I also have uterine prolapse. Nothing I have tried before has helped me, but these workouts helped reduce the prolapse significantly. I don’t want to stop training! Thank you so much for the great program. I only wish I had been given these instructions 39 years ago. They would have saved me from many unnecessary operations."

"Sneezing doesn´t scare me so much anymore now that my pelvic floor muscles have started working.

"I loved this course, I really loved it!!! I never believed that with just a few minute exercises you can get such great results, but now I do. Incredible! My body feels great, my posture is better, my belly is not bulging anymore, and the core support is much better”.

"I am really happy with the course! I can now activate the pelvic floor while doing my daily chores. And what´s best my back has been pain free for more than a week now. All this has had a huge impact on my mood and the quality of life. I have more energy to cope with my everyday life”.

" Now that my inner muscles have better support, I know my own body better and feel much better about myself."

"The training program is needed because I probably would not do the workouts on my own. But when I do them, I feel so much better and my body feels great.”

"Thank you for the great course! I feel how my diastasis recti has decreased and the core control is better. I often did the movements when the kids were asleep (because my days are quite hectic). After a light workout you feel good and don’t feel like having an unhealthy snack. Also, doing the pelvic floor muscle exercises while doing my daily chores has become a nice habit of mine. I pay more attention to my posture now than before and I have noticed this has a positive effect on how I feel about myself and particularly how I look”. ---

"The course was a game changer for me. It is my mind that has changed the most. The lazy coach potato finally got moving! J Moving around daily with your kids is one thing , exercising for yourself is quite another. The hip problems have eased up now that I have tried to carry my kids properly. Thank you!

"I am really pleased with the course! It has given me so much vital information and I can now continue exercising and recovering on my own. I have a better connection with my pelvic floor, the back pain is not so bad anymore and my posture is better. My exercise rhythm is good because the course takes into account the challenges of families with young kids. A big thank you!”

"I have been really content with the course online platform. It is so easy to use! The Questions parts are great. It is fantastic to get answers from experts to your own personal questions."


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