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Stronger core & pelvic floor can improve sex life

Weak core muscles and not feeling comfortable with your own body can have a major impact on how you feel about yourself. Not surprisingly, not feeling at home in your own body affects your sexuality, and how you feel about someone else touching your body.

Pregnancy, childbirth, possibly a major operation (if a Cesarean section is needed), and breastfeeding are all big things that change a woman’s body and body image. Sometimes these changes are not easy to accept.


Can pelvic floor exercises improve sex life?

The condition of the pelvic floor muscles and the deep abdominal muscles affect a person’s sex life in many ways. If the nerves have been affected by an operation, scar tissue, or some other damage, also the sense of touch may have been affected. Lack of proper control in the pelvic floor area, or constant tension there, can also affect how we feel. A continually tense pelvic floor area is like having a temporarily numb arm or leg: a numb limb or other body part is difficult to control.

Studies show that training of the pelvic floor muscles can prevent slackening of the pelvic floor area. This is because lack of use or training of muscles causes them to weaken. Training these muscles also enhances sexual arousal and pleasure, because it is easier to contract the vagina during intercourse or masturbation when your pelvic floor muscles are in good condition.

As important as training, is relaxing. Stress and too much / heavy exercise among other things can lead to too much tension in pelvic floor area. So, moms, when trying to remember training pelvic floor muscles and including it in everyday life situations, do the same also to relaxing exercises.



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