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Finland - World's best maternity care

In terms of population, Finland is a small country. There are only 5.4 million of us. Our small nation has always considered it important to look after its mothers and children. For nearly 100 years, we have worked to ensure that this is possible. The work we have done has borne fruit in many sectors. We are at the top of international comparisons for more than just the status of mothers. We also top the list of highest education level, least corruption and least failed states.

So we have worked over a century to ensure the wellbeing of mothers and babies, and now it's time to pass out the crucial information further. We want to spread the knowledge and help mothers in all over the world to ensure healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Digitalization has given us a fantastic opportunity to do that in time and cost efficient way.

The aim of Nordic Fit Mama is to give all mothers the information how to take care of themselves and their bodies in a safe and sustainable way That is a prerequisite for both, to ensure a safe and healthy childhood of the baby and also to avoid physical problems of the mother, which affect widely to her quality of life and might also be very expensive for the society.


Source: How Finland Puts Moms First


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