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Good enough mother - You are enough ❤️

motherhood Nov 29, 2022

A Good Enough Mother is a concept in psychology. There are no perfect mothers. There are only mothers that are good enough.

A good enough mother loves her child even though she may not always know the best way to show it. After all, she is just a human being. Humans, even mums, sometimes get tired, frustrated, and scared.

In our competitive world, where almost everything becomes a competition, it may be hard to let go of the need to excel.

But we really should. The fact is that for the one person whose opinion matters, your child, you are the best possible mom. Just the way you are.

Reading this blog shows you care and want to do your best. That's enough.

You don't have to prove anything to anyone. You don't have to show off your mum's skills. And more importantly, there is absolutely no reason to compare yourself to other mums.

Instead of sharing cute pics on social media of your perfect family life, focus on having, if not perfect, as good enough family life as possible.

Instead of reading other mums' posts on Facebook, look your child in the eye. Spend time with him or her. Sing. Play. Laugh.

The most valuable gift you can give to your child is your full attention.

And whenever you can, rest. Remember that mums are not machines. It is OK sometimes to do nothing. Lie down next to your baby, on the bed, or a blanket on the floor. Observe him or her. See what the baby does with those little toes, fingers, and toys. Embrace the wonder your child is.

Watching the development of a tiny baby is a brilliant adventure. Every day something new happens. 

Stay curious. Stay in the moment. Celebrate life in all its twisted glory.

And remember that you are good enough. And you never need to be more than just that.


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